Monday, March 2, 2009

Ways to prevent trolling


During my research for my project, which concerns trolling (intentionally harassing and disrupting online communities), I stumbled across an article that provided some interesting ways inhibit trolls.

The article begins by presenting the issue at hand: trolling. Media in the past few decades have changed for better or worse. In the past, broadcasting information was a luxury that only a handful of television, radio and book publishing companies could enjoy. However, with the Internet, there are just as many "speakers" as there are "audiences." Anyone can say anything they want and they can do so completely unregulated.

In many ways, that is a great thing; however, at the same time, that can cause many problems, and one of the problems that this artcle (and my paper) focuses on is trolling. Unlike my project, which will provide no "solutions" to the problem, this essay gave some humorous and effective ways to prevent cyber-bullying.

- Khuyen Lam

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