Friday, March 13, 2009

The new changes coming to Facebook's Homepage

Last time there were new changes to Facebook, many groups rioted online in protest, creating and signing petitions against the new administrative acts. Do we dread these new coming changes to Facebooks' homepage this time around as well? Or do we find ourselves with a little less resistance and a little more forthecoming acceptance? "A bunch of 'hate-groups' were formed for the cosmetic changes Facebook incorporated less than a year ago (some of these still exist) but fizzled out with time" (Techtree News). On, the new changes on Facebook, effective March 11, 2009, have been summarized into different categories, that interestingly enough, we have discusses in class-issues of access, privacy, intimacy, and immediacy of the internet.
The biggest change is most apparent in what the article terms as 'Live streaming' where the newsfeed/twitter updates are received, however now control is more in the hands of Facebook users who can choose who they want to receive updates from. Another big interesting features is the addition of the 'highlights' pages which allows for a longer time period of updates in addition to what is being fed onto the stream, which only shows what is happening right now. Once again, these new changes have been met with protest groups once more, but who knows if they will be paid any attention this time around. Lastly, since the new Facebook is becoming more similar to Twitter, as another article puts it, will it come down to "Facebook vs. Twitter: How will you stream your world?" (McCarthy,;txt)

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