Friday, March 13, 2009

Twitter Twitter Everywhere

With my group project coming to an end and research coming to a close, I noticed that more and more articles are writing about the new craze Twitter. As I talked to current friends and checked out other people's facebook profiles I am noticing a new link being posted which goes directly to that person's Twitter profile page. As I listened to the radio one morning, I heard a radio host on the talk show talk about latest news on the basketball star celebrity Shaq and his source was Shaq's Twitter page. So why Twitter?

I googled "Twitter articles" and stumbled upon this article and from the gist of the article, many users are attracted to this online tool because its "new" and "easy" as it combines "social networking, blogging, and texting" all together. I asked one of my friends who just recently joined Twitter on why he decided to start using it and he commented that "it seems like everyone is doing it and its easy to use."

I started to think then on how technology has made things "easy" or "simple" and a lot of that adds to somethings appeal for the general public. I then found myself looking at more friends Twitter pages and contemplating whether I should start one up too as it doesn't look too difficult, to me, its just sending a massive text to people about what I'm doing.

So has Twitter made friendships "easier" and "simpler" to maintain? How has this ambient awareness of one's daily life impacted relationships? I'm not so sure of the answers but it's an interesting thought that comes now when I stumble upon a new Twitter page of my friends.