Friday, March 13, 2009

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!

It seems that with everyday Facebook changes for the worse. All of the small, useless changes are getting quite annoying. Now, instead of a News Feed page, you see what all of your friends' are currently doing. I have to ask, does anyone really care anymore? I really liked the old (pre-News Feed, only for college students) layout and am saddened that it seems to change for the sake of change. I feel like Mark Zuckerberg, or whoever is responsible for the current Facebook, has lost his touch with college students. I was somewhat opposed to Facebook being opened up to everyone and was hoping that the transformations would stop there. Out of all the new features, I only find one truly helpful. The Facebook Marketplace is great for selling your books and junk, but that is about the only positive new thing for me. I've been noticing very small changes and cannot understand why any one might think they are necessary. For instance, on my profile page, there now appears a box below my picture that states Write Something About Yourself. Isn't there an About Me section for this? Another example of useless change can be found above the current status box on the home page, which now asks What's On Your Mind? My current frustration reminds me of when I became fed up with MySpace and cancelled my account. :(