Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scams scams scams

We talked a bit about griefers and trolls and such, but what about all those virus-makers out there who aren't looking to interact directly with the community?

Here's a story about hackers invading Facebook!

-I always figured Facebook was better than Myspace for its ability to filter out fake porn accounts, but, alas, not even Facebook is safe.

Though, I have noticed that the internet's great for catching scam artists -
I was up late one night with the tv on and it was getting to be around primetime for infomercials. I didn't pay any attention to it, initially. There was Lipo-slim, Montel Williams was selling commerative Obama coins, Kevin Trudeau tried to sell me some get-rich quick scheme, etc. etc. Eventually I got to thinking - maybe I should look up the products these people are selling. Sure enough my research guided me through the seedy underworld of infomercial scam artistry.

And I'm just wondering - don't these infomercial people know the internet exists?

Stephen Colbert did a feature for the Obama scam coins that I'll share: