Wednesday, March 11, 2009

youtube is blocking videos... for $

Youtube has decided to block thousands of music videos from UK users despite pleas from the Performance Rights Society. I had never thought of it, but after reading this article, I've realized how much of a business all this cyber entertainment networks are. I never cared too much for the business aspect and thought that it was free for every one. However, since google purchased youtube in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars, pressure to create more revenue on youtube has led it to do such actions like blocking music videos.

In my opinion, such monopolization of these websites will lead to their downfall. (Just look at myspace's decline after being bought out by Fox). This just proves that the desire to profit will eventually lead to an unappealing website, full of advertisements and no more good music videos. However, I guess I can understand when youtube claims it must adopt a "sustainable business model". In theory, if youtube plays music videos and lots of people watch them, then youtube makes a lot of money, enough to share with the PRS and its song writers. However, youtube can't afford to lose money on not-so-successful videos, videos I'm sure others would enjoy. This is where I feel money compromises the "morals" (if the website has any) of the website. I don't buy the idea that they need to have a "sustainable business model", they are already making a lot of money. At least, they should allow people to stream videos they want. When companies create great websites, and artists create great music, its logical to work together, symbiotically to do great things. Music would be accessible to so much more people. Its just sad money has to lead to both's downfall.