Friday, March 13, 2009

pen and paper games

so the other day my boyfriend IMs me and says... i have something really fun planned for us for this weekend. i was like hmm what could it be? well, it turns out that he had gone and purchased a starter kit for dungeons and dragons and wanted to try it out. Now at first i was thinking omg how much more of this can i take? ( i had already started to play wow for him)... but as we got a group of our friends together and he started to teach us to play, i realized how much i was beginning ot enjoy it. I never really enjoyed wow too much but it was something to do with him and it was sometimes fun. but dungeons and dragons.. it was kind of like a board game, required friends or players to be at the same place at the same time and we were interacting at a face to face level. I asked by bf why the game wasn't so popular and he said that it was exactly for those reasons. People just could not all find the time to get together in real life at the same time same place. i though how sad that was that groups in wow could virtually be together at the same time, and yet when it came to real life they were unwilling to make the effort. on the other hand, it was amazing that the internet COULD provide that kind of space, where people all over the world in different time zones could come together as one. My point is that the internet is like a double edged sword. It allows for all these cool new opportunities and yet it takes away the traditional, which in its own way can be amazing and fun. lol its kinda like that saying "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold" just because we do have all these new technologies and ways to communicate open to us, we shouldn't forget the old ways. at least in my opinion.