Saturday, March 14, 2009

Anthropological Introduction to YouTube Video

In before deadl- oh wait..

I don't know if you guys have seen this already, but i don't think it's been posted yet.
It's a video by an anthro professor on YouTube that was presented at the Library of Congress.
The video is about new forms of expression and identity, and how media isn't just content or tools, but a way to 'mediate human relationships.' But he talks about a lot of the things we've looked at such as text, history, user generated stuff, mediums of communication, etc.
Anyway, it's an hour long, but it's pretty interesting- talks about a lot of popular stuff too- and whoever uploaded it (i think the guy himself) made an outline of it in the description, so you can jump to parts that sound of interest. I saw it a while ago, but after talking about some of these things in class i'm watching it again with a new perspective on some things or at least like, 'oh snap' moments (it's pretty trippy when they talk about who you're talking to when you do a vlog, 'collapse of context').
Participant observation ftw.