Monday, March 2, 2009

So facebook is being attacked by hackers. This article came out just today on bbc news. I always felt facebook was doing great. I've never been annoyed at it like I have with myspace, and their spam and advertisements. But in this case, its not facebook's fault. This article ties in well to our discussion of griefers. These particular griefers create misleading applications and attempt to steal your information. I'm a bit confused on how the thieves would find any facebook-member information to be valuable though... to sell to companies? If anyone knows, I'd appreciate some answers.

Another interesting thing that came to my mind, was that I have 142 unchecked messages. I know some others have more, but people who see my inbox are slightly taken aback. They wonder why I never check my messages. I tell them I'm probably either an asshole, or that I have a sixth sense for skipping over club events and mass mails I find unworthy. I'm sure other people have similar experiences, or maybe they just get actual messages from their friends; I don't so much. Anyway, I'd love to hear other peoples experiences.

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esto said...

When I was doing research I read a piece that explained how it is possible to figure out the first two parts of a Social Security Number based off of your hometown and your birthday. Of course there's a lot of work that goes into figuring it out, but it can be done. Plus if your address and phone number are on your profile, the risk of identity theft is highly possible. So perhaps that's how thieves find member information valuable?

Also, in regard to your 142 unchecked messages, I have over 70 group invites/application requests that I can't bring myself to deny because I'm a weenie. And some of these have been sitting there since Freshman year. I'm not proud of this accomplishment but what can you do? Delete them, I know, but I'm not going to because the whole being a weenie thing. We'll see what happens.