Sunday, March 1, 2009

Internet Rehab

I came across this short article in Time Magazine by Jessie Jiang about internet addiction in China. It is about internet obsession among China's youth and the step the country is taking to deal with this addiction. In 2004 China established an internet addiction treatment facility where patients reside for three months with no outside communication and no computer or cell phone access. Jiang states that the parents of the patients have to stay in treatment as well for several weeks because internet addiction is seen as a result of parenting mistakes. some of the guidelines that constitute an addict are: using the web for 6 hours a day three days straight, getting easily upset, and being afraid of people. The cost for this care can total up to $3,000 which is not cheap. anyway i found it to be an interesting article since most of what we've talked about in class seems to be a positive perspective regarding intenet use.

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