Sunday, February 15, 2009

Internet Celebrities

Weezer - "Pork and Beans"

If we really wanted to, we could upload our own videos onto YouTube and become Internet sensations. Many Average Joes (e.g. Tay Zonday, Chris Crocker) have caught onto the trend and scored deals to augment their actual-world celebrity statuses. For example, Tay Zonday has performed live on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, shot a commercial for Dr Pepper that aired during this year's Super Bowl, and participated in Weezer's "Pork and Beans" music video (see above link).

I am glad, though, that Weezer honored Internet celebrities on their music video. Internet celebs may not have made their way to the top of the film, TV, or music charts, but they at least prove that anyone can offer decent entertainment. Although I don't enjoy the majority of the content on YouTube, I do admire the celebs' courage for showcasing themselves when they were finally allowed to do so, especially on the Internet for a massive audience.