Friday, February 20, 2009

Chat Logging Add-ons for WoW Interviews.

I conducted my first interview on World of Warcraft last night and ran into my first major problem: there is no way to import or copy text from the game into a program like word, and the default chat log only stores 160 lines of text. If you're doing an interview in a hub city, those lines will get eaten up fast by trade and general spam, maybe even before you have a chance to write down your interviewee's responses. It's also an inconvenience for them to have to wait.

So today I went online to see if there were any Add-ons that could solve my problem. To those who don't know, Add-on's are small programs that will change the game's defualt user interface (UI) which is the menu that displays your character's inventory, health, abilities, chat bars: basically all the stuff that lets you control your actions in the game. Blizzard knows about them and allows for them in the TOS, so you won't get in any trouble, and they will save you and your interview subject a lot of headaches.

I found these two chat-logging add-on's right off the bat with a basic google search. If you have no idea how to install them, there are tons of threads that will tell you exactly what to do, like this one here. If you don't want to use Add-on's, you can also tap the print screen key in game to take a screen shot, though you will still have to deal with the tedium of re-typing both sides of the conversation and scrolling the chat bar just right to capture question and response.