Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Things I Hate About Facebook

My friend recently sent me a YouTube link posted by Julian Smith, titled "25 Things I Hate About Facebook". I found it especially appealing since it focused on most of the applications and aspects of Facebook that I also find annoying.

I initially joined Facebook the summer before my first year at UCI because my SPOP orientation had encouraged all of the incoming freshmen to sign up and join their respective orientation groups. At the time, I was only aware of joining groups (many of which were pretty useless) and friending people I already knew from high school or SPOP. After watching this video, I found it interesting how Facebook applications and other aspects such as poking, lost phone groups, and friend detail requests have been so assimilated into our culture (in other words, things that we would otherwise find silly have suddenly become the norm due to the ever-growing Facebook culture).

I also found that I was able to relate some parts of the video to lecture. For example, we recently discussed relationship topics and how a relationship isn't "official" unless it is on Facebook. For those who are doing research projects on Facebook, I feel like this video may provide a window to the many aspects that are open to study.

-Stephanie Yang